Wednesday, 21 December 2011

PAWS-Mumbai’s banchmark in the animal welfare & environment protect………..

  •  PAWS-Mumbai successes in closing down illegal wild bird selling shops in Bhandup, Mulund & Vikhroli areas of Mumbai & Thane city too.
  •  PAWS-Mumbai successes in closing down illegal Mini Zoos, which are especially on Municipal Plots.
  • PAWS-Mumbai successes in stopping Parrot Astrology & Snake Charming. 
  • Freedom of 75 Deer’s which was in illegally captivity since more than 40 Years by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Garden at Powai, by using Right to Information – RTI, the information was collected and complaint was registered with Forest Department. In that case 4 top most Municipal Officers were offenders & finally after 3 years long follow-up, finally they were released in the natural habitat at Tungareshwar sanctuary near Vasai. All the animals were transported in special trucks as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) guidelines in batches. Forest officers have also seized 120 Kg of deer’s horns & 1 Star Turtle.
  • PAWS-Mumbai exposed the wildlife trade racket through website. It was the first wildlife crime in which Forest Department has successes in rescuing 3 Bird (falcons) which are protected under Schedule I, Part III of Wildlife Protection Act 1972, arrested two youths and seized their vehicle (Santro), etc.
  • PAWS-Mumbai launched complaint about two horses which were part of an illegal tonga race was fell off from the Andheri flyover to death & PAWS-Mumbai team provided all necessary evidence to the police by investigating the case by themselves, the Horse owner charge with “cruelty” and put the owner behind bars.
  • PAWS-Mumbai jointly with Bombay Environment Social Network, Save Bombay Committee & Activist G R Vora, Kishan Mehta, M K Saran have success in saving 150 trees on LBS Marg being plan to chopped by MMRDA for road-widening project without following any processes. A Chipko Movement was also organised in which Chipko movement leader Sunderlal Bahuguna with his wife Vimla taken part, promoting MMRDA to stall the decision.
  • PAWS-Mumbai was only NGO who had taken the objection against the decision to chop 277trees on the side of Powai Lake which are coming in the middle of construct of Jogging Track. The authority also stalls the decision to 30 trees.  The authority has also agreed to plant 300 more trees around the jogging track to make area lush.
  • PAWS-Mumbai exposes real face condition of animals in Zoo & Circus by inspecting them and giving their reports to the consent authorities like Central Zoo Authority, Animal Welfare Board of India, etc for necessary action.
  • PAWS-Mumbai is the first NGO how had taken the task to find new home for retiring sniffer dogs from the Bombay Customs Department and success in giving happy home to Maya and Pinky

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